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XMAS Selection

Take a look at our Christmas selection!

Refined "gondola" sugar bowl with lid in San Marco style.
800 silver
Made in Padua, Italy in the 1930s.
Hand beaten
Dimensions cm. 7,5 x 14 x 9
Weight gr. 220
Perfect conditions.
300.00 €(IVA incl.)
A very nice and well preserved Italian Omega safety pen
Cleaned and polished
GOOD condition
In 1919 the Verga brothers, Eugenio and Alfredo, founded the Columbus pen company in Milan which is still one of the most important pen makers. Successively, in 1930, Mr. Alfredo Verga founded in Milan another pen company which was named "Omega", like the greek letter
Barrel has no deep scratches
No personal engraving
Cap has no deep scratches and no dings.
Original engraving
Nib is 14ct gold and is the original OMEGA nib.
Nib type M with medium flex.
Total length 12.2 cm, when cap closed
300.00 €(IVA incl.)
Original link bracelet featuring oval cut amethysts, each weighing 1.5 ct.
Separated by rows of rose cut natural diamonds, each weighing 0.02 ct.
Made in Italy in 19th century style.
Structure in 18 kt yellow gold, with diamond settings in silver.
Lenght. cm. 22,5
1600.00 €(IVA incl.)
18K yellow gold, made with the use of the "Pforz und Gmund" steam press.
Elegantly decorated with a leaf motif and enriched with two Bohemian garnets.
Measure cm. 5x3
595.00 €(IVA incl.)
Ancient sicilian coral earrings
14K yellow gold, total weight gr. 21,95
Elegantly engraved with roses and flowers
Measure cm. 3,5x3,2
1500.00 €(IVA incl.)
Art decò ring in 18 kt white gold.
Produced in Italy in the early twentieth century.
The shank and structure are elegantly engraved with vegetomorphic motifs
The stone, with excellent features, weighs 0.30 ct
J colour, VS2 clarity.
The item has 18K (750) gold hallmarks.
700.00 €(IVA incl.)
Two small bowls of Austro-Hungarian Empire production.
Produced by Alexander Sturm factory, Wien.
800 Silver
They bear the stamp of the title, of the city of Vienna and of the manufacturer.
Very good condition
Dimensions: 11.5×2×6.5 cm
Weight 89 gr.
290.00 €(IVA incl.)
Beautiful wooden box including a rare tea spoon set, 12 pieces, 830/1000 silver
Every piece is regularly hallmarked with Austroungarian mark, period 1872-1912
The box in perfect conditions, signed "Guglelmo Bruni Gioielliere" - Triest, Italy
Dimensions: lenght 14,2 cm, width 3 cm
Weight: 18,4 grams each, for a total of 220 grams
300.00 €(IVA incl.)
Stunning Baume et Mercier mechanical watch from the Sixties.
18K "soleil" yellow gold case.
Manual winding
Leather strap
Very good conditions
700.00 €(IVA incl.)
Refined brooch with miniature, German manufacture, late nineteenth century.
The original and coevo box set, by the jeweler Prikulander of Berlin, bears the dedication "Emmy - June 19, 1892", replicated on the back of the brooch.
Gold and silver, enamels and beads.
Very good condition
650.00 €(IVA incl.)
Refined "bridge" ring, yellow and white 18K gold.
Six carrè cut diamonds weighing 0.10 ct. each and sixteen brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0,02 ct. each.
Total diamonds weight 0,92 ct.
Ring weight 5,95 gr.
Italian production of the Sixties
Excellent conditions
1500.00 €(IVA incl.)
K. Uyeda (Kichigoro Uyeda) is probably the oldest Japanese topic still in business.
Home founded in 1884 as a foreign souvenir shop, it is still in business today. In 1923, the Uyeda store was opened in the newly built Imperial Hotel of Tokyo by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
There were many celebrities among Uyeda's clients: American baseball players Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio, actress Marilyn Monroe, diplomat Henry Kissinger and his wife, American professor and diplomat Edwin Reischauer and his wife.
This cigarette case is finely engraved with the burin, with floral decorations on a striped background. In the center, a "PS" monogram.
Very good conditions.
Sterling silver 925.
weight gr. 155.08
measures 10.2 x 8.2 cm x 1.2
600.00 €(IVA incl.)
Silver cigarette case made in Italy.
Dating: 1920s/30s
Futuristic geometric pattern on lid, striped pattern on bottom.
Interior in vermeil.
Silver fineness hallmark: 800 not outlined
It shows some signs of wrought silver on corners, not affecting the whole item.
Weight: 116 g
Height: 1.8 cm
Width: 9.8 cm
Depth: 7.5 cm
150.00 €(IVA incl.)
Italian production, about 1930
18K yellow gold
Two diamonds ( ct. 0,38 - 0,40) enclosed in nine-prong settings each.
Good quality and color.
Very good conditions
1700.00 €(IVA incl.)
"Peau d'ange" coral and diamonds earrings
18K white gold, total weight gr. 13,42
Diamonds ct. 1,15 approx.
Measure cm.1,5x1,15
Italian production, XXth century
Perfect conditions
1300.00 €(IVA incl.)
Very nice yellow gold pin bar.
Italy, about 1930
It bears a cushion cut natural diamond weighing 1.40 ct and 6 brilliant cut diamonds weighing 1,20 ct.
Width 4,5 cm
Weight 6,87 gr.
Excellent conditions
2900.00 €(IVA incl.)
Early 20th century earrings of dalmatian manufacture.
Made from yellow gold with filigrane and micropearls.
Very good conditions
In perfect condition.
Height 3.85 cm
Width 1.80 cm
600.00 €(IVA incl.)
Remarkable pendant with natural diamond
Weight ct. 0,80
G color
VVS1 clarity
18K white gold
4500.00 €(IVA incl.)
Christian cross handcrafted in gold and silver.
Austrohungarian Empire, about 1900.
Enriched with natural rose-cut diamonds, ct. About 0.85.
In very good condition
Weight: 2,2 g.
Lenght: cm 4
Width: cm 2,5
950.00 €(IVA incl.)
Modern diamonds clip earrings
18K yellow gold
Four diamonds weight 0,15 ct. each
I Color - VVS2 clarity
In perfect condition.
1350.00 €(IVA incl.) 1800.00 €
Exclusive shell earrings, 18k yellow gold.
Italian production of the sixties.
Each earring bears n. 27 natural diamonds, "brilliant" cut.
Weight of the diamonds of each earring ct. 1.30.
Total weight of diamonds ct. 2.60
Color H purity VVS1
Gross weight gr. 16.48
excellent condition
3000.00 €(IVA incl.)
Early 20th century ring in 18 kt (750/1000) white and yellow gold.
It has a brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.08 ct.
Stone colour: J.
Stone clarity: VS1.
Ring weight: 4.06 g.
Made in Italy in the 1920s
400.00 €(IVA incl.)
Elgin legionnaire hexagonal
Case by Elgin, 14K white gold filled
Extra heavy crystal.
Gold appliad numerals on white dial
Approximately 35 mm in length, approximately 30 mm in width (excluding crown) Thickness 10 mm
Rug width: 18mm
The crown winds and sets smoothly
Strap Material: New genuine black leather strap

Quite good general conditions
500.00 €(IVA incl.)
Elgin Spartan
Case by Elgin in chromium plated nickel.
Handsomely engraved, extra heavy crystal.
With luminous dial and hands.
Approximately 38 mm in length, approximately 32 mm in width (excluding crown) Thickness 10,5 mm
Rug width: 16mm
The crown winds and sets smoothly
Strap Material: New genuine black leather strap
Quite good general conditions
600.00 €(IVA incl.)
Elgin National Watch Co coin silver, stem wind, hunter case pocket watch, size H-18s, 17 jewels with white enamel dial, Roman numerals, blue hands and sunken subseconds register, measures approximately 58mm across
Elgin F11 and serial number 3950862 on movement, case stamped Leader, Coin and 1541509, circa 1893.
Silver case produced by Keystone Watch Case Co.
Gross weight 147,38 g.
Pocket watch currently running.
370.00 €(IVA incl.)
900% silver cigarette case.
Elegantly enriched with blue enamels and geometric patterns in relief.
In excellent condition.
Weight gr. 76
Measurements: cm. 9 x 5.5 x 2
Wien, 1860-1922
275.00 €(IVA incl.)
Cocktail pendant watch by Ernest Borel, famous concept.
It is a sort of "mysterious" clock: the hours and minutes are indicated by two small red triangles on a black dial.
Seconds, on the other hand, are represented by a rotating central disc that creates a fun optical effect.
In perfect working order.
It has the original glass and the case is in excellent condition, as is the beautiful dial.
Gross weight of the watch: gr. 28.1
Measurements: diam. 36 mm. thickness 6 mm.
130.00 €(IVA incl.)
Stunning tennis bracelet signed Damiani, Italy.
Crafted in 18K white gold, it mounts 40 brilliant-cut natural diamonds for a total carat weight of over 2,0 ct.
Lenght 17 cm
Weight 14 gr.
Excellent condition, like new
4000.00 €(IVA incl.)
Stunning tennis necklace signed Damiani, Italy.
Crafted in 18K white gold, it mounts 35 brilliant-cut natural diamonds for a total carat weight of over 3.5 ct.
Lenght 44 cm
Weight 35,1 gr.
Excellent condition, like new
6500.00 €(IVA incl.)
Exclusive lapel pin in the shape of a flower with a leaf.
French production of the early twentieth century.
Diamond ct. 0,45
Color I, VVS2 clarity
1300.00 €(IVA incl.)
Gorgeous Vacheron Constantin crafted in 18K yellow gold.
Case with teardrop lugs, unmarked caseback (only the gold title mark is present, as shown in the photo).
In perfect working order.
Silver dial, two-tone, in amazing condition.
Central seconds
Case diameter 35 mm excluding crown.
Basic caliber: Jaeger le Coultre, cal: 450
17 jewels, manual winding.
Dimensions: 12.5 '' 28.80 mm.
H: = 5.00 mm.
N: = 18000
Power reserve: 24 hours
Main spring: L: 420mm, H: 1.28mm, F: 0.1225mm.
Version: 454, center seconds.
3800.00 €(IVA incl.)
Fabulous Bohemian garnet necklace, handcrafted in 14K gold.
Mid 20th century production
Austro-Hungarian style
Perfect conditions
3500.00 €(IVA incl.)
Italian diamonds and rubies ring.
18K yellow gold
The central diamond is ct. 0,80; 10 stones (rose cut) about ct. 0,03 each
Total diamomds weight ct. 1,10
35 rubies aligned in two rows. Total weight ct. 0,95
Ring width 23 mm
Ring weight 12 gr.
About 1940
2300.00 €(IVA incl.)
Gruen Curvex
Year of Production: 1941
14k Gold case, approximately 39 mm in length, approximately 23.8 mm in width (excluding crown) Thickness 9.8 mm
Rug width: 16mm
The crown winds and sets smoothly
Strap Material: New genuine brown leather strap
Two tones silver dial, good conditions, with 18k gold applied numerals.
Movement: Cal.440 Curvex Manual winding
Crystal: Original clean high dome curved crystal
Quite good general conditions
In its glory years from the 1920s through the 1960s, the Gruen Watch Company of USA & Switzerland was one of the leaders in wristwatch design and quality, even collaborating with Rolex from its factories in Switzerland. Prior to WWII, Gruen was better known in the USA than Rolex, which at that time was concentrating on the British and Commonwealth countries. Hans Wilsdorf and Gruen were friends and neighbors in Switzerland (their factories were just yards away), and even agreed to market their watches as Rolex Gruen in Europe, but the Great Depression (and more urgent matters) prevented this.
1250.00 €(IVA incl.)
This watch used the 17 jewel, 6/0 sized 986A movement without a second hand.
14K white gold case, with luminous dials.
In 1927 Hamilton introduced the 6/0 sized, 17 jewel 987 movement with a sub second hand.
The movements have slightly different dimensions so the cases for a 1926 Square is slightly different than a 1927 Square (cut corner) case - and each is intended for it's specific movements.
The 1927 Square (Cut Corner) was also available with plain or engraved bezels; in same year catalog, Hamilton also introduced the Barrel to the "geometric" model lineup. The Tonneau joined the geometric lineup in 1928. The Square continued to be produced through 1930.
Both ladies and men's examples were produced.
The 986A movement grade typically came without a seconds hand register.
Measures: mm. 35 x 28

1350.00 €(IVA incl.)
The Tracy model was produced from 1954 through 1956.
The dial is sterling silver with solid 18K gold numerals - a traditional element dating back to the early 1930's.
The gold filled case, on the other hand, is sharply angular and pointed and reminiscent of the trend of cars with fins, etc.
The earliest Tracys received Hamiltons 8/0 sized 17 jewel 747 movement. That grade was replaced in 1955 with the shock-jeweled version called the 730.
Measure: mm. 38 x 27
300.00 €(IVA incl.)
Refined button earrings, made in the shape of a heart of 18K yellow and white gold.
They each bear natural diamonds, brilliant cut; estimated weight ct. 1.00
Total weight of diamonds ct. 2.00
Gross weigh : gr 22,50
Width 22 mm.
Height 27 mm.
Clip closure, easily transformable by needle.
Italian production of the Fifties from the goldsmith district of Valenza
Excellent condition
2700.00 €(IVA incl.)
Hexagonal ring with a natural round sapphire (2,60 ct) in the center, surrounded by 12 natural brilliant cut diamonds, weighing ct. 1,35 total.
18K white gold.
Italian production of the second half of the 20th century
2950.00 €(IVA incl.)
Elegant coffee set with porcelain cups, accompanied by silver sugar bowl, by Hutshenreuther from Hohenberg (Germany), dated 1914.
The cups are enclosed in an art nouveau style silver artifact.
The service is accompanied by a 800 silver sugar bowl.
Perfect conditions.
700.00 €(IVA incl.)
Elegant UNOAERRE bangle bracelet in stretch yellow and pink gold, with interlocking closure, hidden in the central tubular.
Perfect in every part, the bracelet has a diameter of cm. 7.5
Weight 32,66 gr
Production of the second half of the 20th century
2450.00 €(IVA incl.)
Manual winding IWC watch.
18K gold case, in perfect conditions
Caliber 89
Silver dial with applied gold indexes, some scratches

Diameter: 36mm
Overall good conditions
2300.00 €(IVA incl.)
Fine women's watch by James Calame Robert
White enamel dial, with Roman numeral hour markers, perfect.
Triple case , 14K rose gold, punched and numbered, in excellent general condition.
The movement, with cylinder escapement, is in perfect working order.
Case diameter mm. 24
Gross weight gr. 28.6
850.00 €(IVA incl.)
Late 19th century pocket watch
Silver case 800, double back cover
White enamel dial in good condition
Measurements: diam. 48mm thick 12 mm
Gross weight gr. 71.18
Condition: In working condition with visible traces of use
250.00 €(IVA incl.)
Longines pocket watch, early 1900s
Two-tone enamel dial with 12-hour outer circle and 24-hour inner circle.
Seconds to six.
Cathedral hands.
14K yellow gold case
In perfect working order
Gross weight gr. 80
Diameter 48mm
It has hallmarks in the internal case
In very good condition
1400.00 €(IVA incl.)
Anonymous - Unisex - 1850-1900
Mechanical manual winding - Rose gold
Pocket watch from the early twentieth century
18K rose gold case, with elegant floral motif on the back.
Diameter 42 mm.
Thickness 15 mm.
Gross watch weight gr. 62.9
Cylinder escapement.
White enamel jewel dial with Roman numeral hour markers
It has punches in the internal case
In excellent condition
1100.00 €(IVA incl.)
Stud earrings by Miluna from the Crown collection.
Each one is set with a diamond for 0.30 ct and 8 stones for 0.01 ct each.
Colour G, clarity VVS2.
Like new.
They come with a box and original guarantee.
3300.00 €(IVA incl.)
Elegant and refined unisex cufflinks
Made from 18 kt gold, with mother of pearl inserts.
Each cufflink is set with a rose cut diamond weighing 0.03 ct
Total diamond carat weight: 0.06 ct.
Made in Italy in the 1920s.
500.00 €(IVA incl.)
Original 1950’s men’s Movado Calendograf, triple calendar
Gold arabic numerals dial, in proper working order.
Original movado signed steel case, in good condition, it measures 32 mm, without counting the crown. Original snap-on steel caseback, in excellent condition

The manual winding movement, cal. Movado 470, it runs and keeps time. Calendar functions (day, date and month) work properly too.

This watch has been professionally timed, oiled and regulated and is sold with our 6 months guarantee
1200.00 €(IVA incl.)
Elegant early 1900s ring. 18K yellow gold, with silver bezels.
In the center an onyx oval enclosing an "Old European" brilliant-cut natural diamond (0.20 ct) and, on the outer edge, rose-cut diamonds (0.25 ct).
Perfect conditions
Weight gr. 7,8
Size 4,25
780.00 €(IVA incl.)
Orthodox Christian cross handcrafted in gold and silver.
About 1900.
Enriched with natural rose-cut diamonds, ct. About 0.75.
In excellent condition
Weight: 4 g.
Lenght: cm 5
Width: cm 3,7
950.00 €(IVA incl.)
Manufacturer/Model: Parker/51/USA
Year of production: Early 1950s
Filling system: Aerometric bladder
Nib: Steel, thick gold plated, RU Marking for Ruthenium tip, EF Extra Fine size
Material: High grade plastic body, Gold filled Cap
Length (pen closed): 137mm
Condition and information:
The Parker 51 pen is probably the most successful pen in the fountain pen history. One of the most sold pens ever, long running pen as well as most reliable. The pen was decades in development, and the results were simply astonishing. The first fully hooded nib, which makes ink drying on the nib more difficult, i.e. it could even be left open (uncapped) for a longer period and still write when needed. This also provided a protection to the nib. The pen design embodies everything we love about the 60s "jet and space" era inspired design. Looking it from the side the pen looks like a streamlined jet airplane, simply beautiful and elegant writing instrument that captured the hearts and souls of the people. The 51 had number of designs, colors, variations; hence it is one of the most collected pen in the world today.
From the design features of the pen, we can date it to be made approximately in the early 50s. The features dating it are the shape of the cap and clip, Mother of Pearl like crown, the rounded end of the barrel, and more importantly the rubber O-ring on the section as well as "To fill press ribbed bar firmly 4 times holding pen point down, wipe with soft tissue" on the filling bar. The pen also features a heavy 1/10 12K gold filled cap with a long engraved guilloche lines, and fine "Made in USA" imprint. The nib is superb, tubular/cylindrical EF size, gold plated and smooth on the paper. Its great pen to use for small typeface letters, such as writing in pockets notebooks and similar activities. It is very clean pen with steady ink flow, no ink mess, and also a very easy pen to clean and maintain. The feed is ebonite with a long tube extending far into the bladder sac, making the pen easy to fill to the top each time. Also the unique Parker radiator around feed is perfectly clean, providing smooth and constant ink-flow. The entire front section, the nib and feed are easily removable by unscrewing action. The pen has a great grip posted or not posted due to its weight, and great balance and feel in the hand. It is one of the most comfortable pens one can use, it is ergonomic, and it does not tire the hand or fingers. The Parker 51, hardly any pen had or ever will surpass the stunning looks, build quality, performance, ease of use and many more factors which make for a remarkable pen.
The pen is in good condition with minimal signs of use.
200.00 €(IVA incl.)
Refined pearl necklace, each separated by a small yellow gold disc.
The centerpiece bears a "cabochon" cut sapphire, surrounded by "brilliant" and "rectangular" cut diamonds.
Handcrafted by Virgilio Gioielli Milano, Italy
Lenght: cm 44
Pearls diam. mm. 7,5
Very good conditions
2500.00 €(IVA incl.)
Nice earrings by Gio d'oro (Italy), about 1980.
Rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls.
Width 2,8 cm.
Height 4 cm.
Weight 40,7 gr.
2200.00 €(IVA incl.)
Elegant pendant in the shape of a rhombus, made of yellow 18K gold
On one side No. 83 brilliant cut diamonds, estimated weight of ct. 0.02 each.
On the opposite side No. 40 sapphires, weighing ct. 0.035 each, n. 24 rubies, weighing ct. 0.035 each and n. 8 emeralds weighing ct. 0.03 each.
Total weight of diamonds ct. 1,66
Total weight of sapphires ct. 1,40
Total weight of rubies ct. 0,84
Total weight of emeralds ct. 0,24
Gross weight of the pendant gr. 19,70
Width mm. 30, height mm. 62
The rhombuses are pivoted so as to be swivel and be able to create different color combinations, as shown in the photo.
Italian production of the Sixties
Excellent condition

2750.00 €(IVA incl.)
Model, from the late 1960s.
His style is very recognizable, something completely different from all the other "Doxa" models: elongated case up to 4.78 cm, not the classic flat but rounded square shape (convex on the front and rounded on the back to follow the shape of the wrist)
Excellent movement signed "Doxa Mechanism Synchron caliber 13"
Correctly functioning
Case measurements 4.78 x 2.3
450.00 €(IVA incl.)
Sumptuous snake ring, made of 18K yellow gold in the goldsmith district of Valenza, Italy, circa 1980.

It bears a natural ruby of intense color, ct. 1.05, pear cut.

On the volutes of the stem there are n. 30 "carrè", "tapered" and "square" cut diamonds for a total weight of ct. 1.85, color I and clarity VVS1.

Gross weight gr. 7.65

EU size 18

Excellent conditions
3500.00 €(IVA incl.)
Made of 800 °/oo silver, in the second half of the 20th century.
Very good condition
Hand hammered silver
Weight 152
Height 4.5 cm, maximum width 15 cm
215.00 €(IVA incl.)
Well preserved silver cigarette box.
Wien, end of XIXth century
800% silver cigarette case.
Elegantly handcrafted decorated with liberty motif and monogram.
In excellent condition.
Weight gr. 140
Measurements: cm. 10.5 x 8 x 2.5
Wien hallmarks 1872-1922
650.00 €(IVA incl.)
Classical 18K white gold ring.
Stands in the center a crystalline blue sapphire (weight 2,05 ct.), oustanding on a circle of brilliant (total weight 1,50 ct.), H color and VVS2 clarity
Size US 7,25
Weight 5,91 gr.
Italian production of the second half of the 20th century
3500.00 €(IVA incl.)
A very special austrian fountain pen, about 1890-1899
Excellent condition - rarely used with slight signs of wear and age.
Retractable nib
Elegantly engraved, in excellent running condition.
18 Karat Rolled, 18K gold laminated
14K gold nib
With ring to hang on a chain.
Late 1800s - early 1900s
500.00 €(IVA incl.)
Refined sugar bowl in silver 800/000.
Manufactured by the Italian company GIUSEPPE MAGGI di GIORGIO MAGGI active in Milan.
Silversmith hallmark: 579 MI
Silver fineness hallmarks: 800 not outlined, not completely legible.
Excellent condition - barely used with minimal signs of aging & wear
700.00 €(IVA incl.)
sumptuous Austro-Hungarian bracelet made with gold and silver structure.
It features faceted cut Bohemian garnets and natural micro-pearls.
Second half of the 19th century
1000.00 €(IVA incl.)
Tank Curve 10K gold filled case, about 1950
Caliber 7TR
Original curved hard glass
Measures approx. 42 x 20 mm.
Perfectly running
400.00 €(IVA incl.)
18K yellow gold rounded band ring.
In the center a rectangular cut emerald weighing ct. 1.00. On the sides two natural fancy cut diamonds weighing ct. 0.50 each.
Very good condition.
Italian p
2900.00 €(IVA incl.)
Refined and elegant Zenith starlet
Hand-wound movement cal. 40
White dial with applied gold hour markers.
Case diameter (without crown) mm. 38
Strap length cm. 24
Gross weight with strap gr. 41.6
1300.00 €(IVA incl.)
Zenith Stellina from the Sixties
18 kt 750 rose gold case
Diameter 38 mm excluding crown
plexy glass
seconds at 6 o'clock
new brown leather strap
mechanical movement with manual winding
caliber 40
19 jewels
fully functional
1200.00 €(IVA incl.) 1500.00 €
UP to 25% OFF TILL
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