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John Gale London, 14K Gold

Gorgeous watch made by John Gale, who worked in London on Lamb Street from 1790 to 1844.
The casing has a hallmark for the metal, the city of London, and the date.
The casing is made from 925 silver with traces of old gold plating (plating on inside of the casing in very good condition).
Diameter: 4.8 cm Height: 1.3 cm.
Weight: 95.13 g
Verge pocket watch with a fuseé movement and original winding chain.
The upper part of the movement is richly decorated with engravings.
In very good condition and in working order.
1150.00 €
Rare and beautiful Omega pocket-watch, from the beginning of the 1900s.
The watch's casing is decorated with an art-deco pattern and has a steel dial.
Diameter: 45 mm
Height: 11 mm
Anchor escapement, dial in two-tone silver.
Seconds sub-dial at 6 o'clock, burnished steel hands.
In perfect working order.
Some small marks on the back cover.
Watch's total weight (including movement): 58.99 g
700.00 €(VAT incl.) 950.00 €
French pocket watch, double case in gold.
White dial, with Roman numerals and cathedral hands.
18-karat rose gold case, in excellent general condition.
There are some slight keystrokes on the carrure.
The movement, with cylinder escapement, is well finished and functional.
It bears the French trademark "Breveté Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement", related to registered patents which, in this way, were exempt from any liability from the government's point of view.
In France, the law of 1844 established that patents were issued "without preliminary examination, at the risk of the applicant and without any guarantee of functionality, novelty and merit of the invention also in terms of precision or accuracy of the description"
Diameter 52 mm.
Thickness 12 mm.
Dated around 1880
Gross weight gr. 65.2
Perfect working order.
900.00 €(VAT incl.)
Gents pocket watch, Billodes, late 19th century.
Billodes was the Zenith Watchmaker name in the Middle East.
Made for the Austrian market and retailed by Ferdinando Busetti, Fiume.
White enamel dial in good condition, gold "cathedral" hands hands
Cylinder escapement, 15 rubies.
Measurements: diam. 48mm thickness 16 mm
Period: 1850-1900
Material fineness: 800 silver
600.00 €(VAT incl.)
Elgin National Watch Co coin silver, stem wind, hunter case pocket watch, size H-18s, 17 jewels with white enamel dial, Roman numerals, blue hands and sunken subseconds register, measures approximately 58mm across
Elgin F11 and serial number 3950862 on movement, case stamped Leader, Coin and 1541509, circa 1893.
Silver case produced by Keystone Watch Case Co.
Gross weight 147,38 g.
Pocket watch currently running.
470.00 €(VAT incl.)
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